• Howie's Root Beer Review

How Great is Howie’s Premium Root Beer?

Let me let you in on a little secret… man is this stuff good. I liked it A LOT. It was a serious treat, a real gem of a find. The label describes it as smooth, creamy, and mellow. I would add amazing to that. The first thing i noticed when i poured myself a glass was a heavy wintergreen scent which took me by surprise. I don’t usually do a smell test on root beers, but it was overwhelming (in a good way). So i was expecting a nice wintergreen flavor, but it’s only a very subtle after taste. It has a great root beer flavor with a mellow, creamy vanilla base, and then the slight hint of wintergreen to follow up. Wow… this stuff is really good.

I was lucky enough to get a 12 pack of Howies Root Beer about 7 years ago. Ordered it off the internet and have not found it since. It’s the best root beer I have ever tasted and I have probably tried a hundred different brands. Root beer this good should be sold everywhere.

We had a family reunion this past week and I wanted to once and for all find out what was the best root beer. I bought 10 different types and one of them happen to be this Howies which I had never seen. I bought all the expensive bottles of root beer and all I could see of any brand. In the end after multiple rounds, this inexpensive, unknown root beer won the taste testing competition. What a find. Great rootbeer. I am stocking up next time I go to Utah.

Howies is the very best root beer I have ever tasted. […] If ole Howie ever wanted to go national with his root beer I would surley consider investing. Not just my humble opinion, but the way others whom I let try the tasty drink feel about it also.

Howie’s Premium Root Beer is some of the best root beer that you can drink from a 2 liter bottle. Root beer is one of my favorite beverages, and I’ve tried many brands, so don’t take it lightly when I saw that Howie’s Root Beer is great. It is smooth, creamy, with the frosted mug type of taste. It is especially great with ice cream to make root beer floats.