The story of Howie’s Premium Root Beer began in our small family restaurant in 1989. Our founder, Howard Tanner, created an atmosphere where families and friends could gather to enjoy good old-fashioned food and fun. It was there that the classic taste of Howie’s Root beer was born.

Developing the perfect root beer flavor doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes years of trial and error and  to formulate the perfect root beer brew. From his customers’ input and through careful taste testing, Howard developed a unique formula for his root beer.  root beer was smooth, creamy and mellow.

Over the years we have moved on from the restaurant business, but the legacy of Howie’s Root Beer has remained strong. In fact, the popularity of our root beer has allowed our customers to purchase Howie’s at grocery stores all over the west. Now due to popular demand, you can even buy Howie’s Root Beer online by visiting our online store.

Howie's Root Beer