Merry Christmas from Howie’s Root Beer

WARNING: Once you finally experience the best root beer in the world, it is quite likely that you may experience this crazy, outrageous, overwhelming desire to share it with everyone. We are giving you fair warning before you try Howie’s Premium Root Beer, so that you can already prepare for the share-fest desire that will immediately follow. One of our customers sent us the below photo saying that they are giving away over 20 bottles of Howie’s Root Beer to their loved ones for Christmas.

Hopefully you now understand that the homemade sweet taste of Howie’s Root beer may cause you to randomly give bottles of it away for Christmas as the ultimate expression of Love. We love you Random Customer, and thanks for sharing these super creative/slightly creepy Reindeer Juice bottles of Howie’s Premium.

Merry Christmas to All, and to All lots of Bottles of Howie’s Christmas Root Beer!

Howie's Christmas Root Beer