Howie's Rooth Beer 2-pack

Howie’s Root Beer 2-Pack (Two 2-liter bottles)

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What’s better than a 2-liter bottle of delicious Howie’s Root Beer? How about TWO bottles of Howie’s Root beer! Double the fun with this premium root beer 2-Pack, and get two 2-liter bottles of Howie’s for a discounted rate. You’ll still enjoy the same homemade creamy taste as you come to love, because our recipe has been the same since 1989. Beneath the majesty of Mt. Timpanogas, in the Heart of Utah Valley, a golden brown effervescent beverage has evolved, reminiscent of a taste savored a generation ago which delights a new generation of root beer lovers today. HOWIE’S OLD-FASHIONED PREMIUM ROOT BEER has grown in popularity among the young and young at heart. Basically we’re saying that Howie’s Premium is arguably some of the best rootbeer on either side of the Mississippi.

Howie’s Root Beer continues to make a name for itself. With very little marketing over the last 26+ years of the rootbeer’s history, Howie’s brand has reviews posted all over the internet from raving fans. You know that a root beer is one of the best, when the customers do all of the marketing. A big thanks to all you Howie’s Root Beer fans, and a warm welcome to you newcomers. Enjoy the ride!

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